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Fernando Viani
Professor of Piano
Städtiche Musikschule Lahr

Fernando Viani was born in Mendoza, Argentina. He began his musical studies at the "Escuela Superior de Musica" of the National University of Cuyo with Prof. Adela Lavado. In 1993, under the supervision of Prof. Dora De Marinis, he earned a "Licenciado en Piano" degree with honors. As a student in Argentina, he also worked with maestro Bruno Gelber in several occasions. In 1997 he received a post-graduate degree from the "Staatliche Hochschule für Musik" in Karlsruhe, Germany, where he studied with Prof. Fany Solter and Dinorah Varsi.

Between 1991 and 1993 he was awarded several prizes, including the gold medal in the "Alberto Williams" competition (Buenos Aires), the first prize in the "Ciudad de Lincoln" competition (Buenos Aires), the first prize in the concerto competition of the Universidad de Cuyo Symphony Orchestra (Mendoza), and the second prize in the "Center for Pianistic Studies" competition (Buenos Aires).

In 1992 and 1993 he was invited to participate in the Chamber Music Festival in Bariloche (Argentina), where he performed recitals.

He has performed a number of very successful recitals as a soloist and as a soloist with orchestras. Also, he has extensively collaborated with singers and in chamber ensembles. Some of his concerts include presentations with the Universidad de Cuyo Symphony Orchestra, the Entre Rios Symphony Orchestra, solo recitals at Teatro Independencia, Teatro Mendoza and Museum of Decorative Arts (Argentina), Teatro Chico (Canary Islands), performances in more than 40 different German cities (Karlsruhe, München, Berlin, Köln, etc.), tour of Europe with "Fundacion Ostinato" (Oslo, München and Karlsruhe), tour of India ( New Delhi, Goa and Bangalore ), and performances in Switzerland and Spain.

As a member of Fundacion Ostinato he has taken part in the recording of seven compact discs with the complete piano works of the Argentinean composers Alberto Ginastera, Juan José Castro and Carlos Guastavino. He has recorded for National Radio in Argentina and the Radio of the Musik Hochschule in Karlsruhe. In addition, he collaborated soprano Alicia Borges in the recording of a religious music CD.

He presently resides in Germany, where he is perfecting his art with Prof. Sontraud Speidel. Since 1999 he teaches piano at the Städtiche Musikschule Lahr.

His reviews state:

"..His fingers run securely and unbelievably fast over the keys. Totally concentrated, the musician played with body and soul." Badische Neueste Nachrichten, Germany.

"Fernando Viani plays with the strength of a virtuoso." Pfortzheimer Zeitung, Germany.