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Dora De Marinis

Dora De Marinis
Professor of Piano
Faculty of Arts Cuyo University
Mendoza, Argentina


Dora De Marinis was born in Mendoza, Argentina. She studied piano with Ada Senzacqua and Roberto Caamaño in Argentina, and Walter Blankenheim in Germany, where she obtained a Master's degree in piano performance. Her extensive career as a performer includes recitals as a solo pianist, and in chamber music and concerto settings. She has performed in several countries worldwide, including USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, England, Italy and Norway, in cities such as New York, London, Roma, Montreal, Oslo, Mexico City and Stuttgart.

She is a gifted teacher, and has produced many succesful and recognized pianists. Her ongoing interest in developing a personal musical identity in harmony with the musical heritage of her country has impelled her to include in her vast classical repertoire, many works by Argentinean composers such as Alberto Ginastera, Julio Perceval, Luis Gianneo, Carlos Guastavino and Juan Jose Castro. For more than two decades she has championed this music in recordings and recitals in Argentina and abroad.

Ms. De Marinis' interpretations have been praised by critics worldwide for the depth and intensity of her musical ideas, for her power of communication and for the beauty of her sound. She has been awarded several honors, such as the Argentine "Gran Premio Los Andes" to the best artistic recording production of 1994, the "Outstanding Woman Award" in Mendoza in 1994, and the "A.C.E." award to the best classical music recording in 1995 for the recording of Alberto Ginastera's complete works for piano. She has organized, directed, and participated in the recording projects of music by Alberto Ginastera, Juan José Castro and Carlos Guastavino. She recently completed the recording of Ginastera's Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, which will be released in 2001 by a major European label.

"... Dora De Marinis, a mature and cultivated pianist, conveyed a feeling of security, delicacy and pianistic bravura during the complex rhythms of the fast first and last dances, while bringing great warmth and an ample dynamic range to the doleful melody of the second dance... With her polished and brilliant technique she was able to create a joyous and communicative version of 'Suite Infantil'" Badishe Neueste Nachrrichten, Karlsruhe, Germany.

"... the 'Alberto Ginastera' group for pianistic study paid a brief visit to Oslo. Professor Dora De Marinis, who formed and directs the group, performed, together with other pianists in the group, works by Carlos Guastavino, Juan José Castro and Alberto Ginastera. It was a performance of great sensitivity and professionalism, and it created a notable communication between the public and the performers..." The Magazine. Oslo, Norway. December 1997.

"... An important artistic production... the recording of the complete works for piano by Alberto Ginastera [directed by Dora De Marinis] is a relevant and exceptional accomplishment. It deserves the highest praises." Alberto Emilio Gimenez, La Nacion. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"…..With their accurate performances [the pianists] demonstrated the high level of our music. [The Ginastera project] is a valuable enterprise." Luis Abrego, Primera Fila. Mendoza, Argentina.

"….The works by Alberto Ginastera allowed the performers to show their dexterity and technical proficiency, without overlooking the naturalness of expression of the enchanted and poetic rhythms and the intense melodies with folk roots." Fausto Alonso, Diario Uno. Mendoza, Argentina.

"….The interpretation of the group was noteworthy not only for its high artistic quality, but also for the thoughtfulness and depth of the musical research, and for the remarkable integration of several generations of pianists into a homogenous group where there are no "divas," but rather a common goal of erving the music." Raul Busnadiego, Notas y Notas. Mendoza, Argentina.