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July 5, 2002

Presentation of the newly released CDs with piano works by Luis Gianneo. Pianists Dora De Marinis and Elena Dabul will offer a recital that will include music by Gianneo, Susana Anton and Guastavino. Friday July 5, 2002, 8:30pm. Facultad de Derecho, UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Upcoming CD Releases

Carlos Guastavino. Works for choir and piano.

Recorded at the Hochschule für Musik, Karlsruhe, Germany in 1999. Features: Indianas No. 1 and 2, Romance de Ausencias, Despedida, etc. Release date: TBA.



Future recording projects:

  • Alberto Ginastera. Concierto Argentino, for piano and orchestra
  • Alberto Ginastera. Works for solo piano.
  • Luis Gianneo. Concerto for piano and orchestra
  • Juan José Castro. Concerto for piano and orchestra
  • Carlos Guastavino. Romance de Santa Fe, for piano and orchestra



  • 2001. La obra completa para piano de Luis Gianneo. Author: Dora De Marinis, in collaboration with Elena Dabul, Fernando Viani, Alejandro Cremaschi and Martin Bucki. Published in the magazine "Huellas" volume 1, published by the Fine Arts Faculty of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
  • August 11-16, 2002. Presentation at the International Society for Music Education conference in Bergen, Norway. Topic: The history and activities of Ostinato foundation.


Ostinato is a non-profit foundation based in Mendoza, Argentina. Its goal is the dissemination of the classical music from Argentina through recordings, publications, workshops and performances.

Contact us:

Argentina: Dora De Marinis, PRESIDENT.
US: Alejandro Cremaschi
Europe: Fernando Viani.