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Fundacion Ostinato is a non-profit organization created in Mendoza, Argentina, in 1994 by Professor Dora De Marinis. Its goal is to disseminate the works and ideas of Argentina's classical music composers through recitals, recordings, courses, workshops and conferences. For a full description click on "About."

Dora De Marinis, founder and current president

Since the late 1980s, Dora De Marinis other members of the foundation have researched, performed and recorded works by some of the most outstanding Argentine composers of the twentieth century: Alberto Ginastera, Carlos Guastavino, Juan José Castro and Luis Gianneo.

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The Foundation has produced 12 commercial CDs of music by these composers. Click on "CDs" for more information.

Contact us:

Argentina: Dora De Marinis, president dmarinis@supernet.com.ar