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Fundacion Ostinato is a non-profit organization created in Mendoza, Argentina, in 1994 by Professor Dora De Marinis. Its goal is to disseminate the works and ideas of Argentina's classical music composers through recitals, recordings, courses, workshops and conferences.

Dora De Marinis, founder and current president


Dora De Marinis, president.
Martinez de Rozas 49
(5500) Mendoza
Phone and fax: +54-261 4288822.


The Ostinato Ensemble or "Ginastera Group" -the predecessor of the present Ostinato foundation- was founded in Mendoza, Argentina, in the 1980s, as a fruit of both the idea and the artistic work of the pianist DORA DE MARINIS. After finishing her postgraduate studies in Germany, Prof. DE MARINIS formed a gifted group of students, who, under her guidance, first approached the study and performance of the piano works of ALBERTO GINASTERA.

In the following period, from 1985 to 1993, the group focused on three projects: the realization of cycles dedicated to the general piano repertory, the interpretation of Argentinean and Latin-American compositions, and the research and publication of papers on Argentinean composers and their music. In 1993, on the 10th anniversary of A. GINASTERA's decease, the group began its national and international appearances, performing and recording on CD his complete solo piano works. To this collection the complete piano works of J.J. CASTRO AND C. GUASTAVINO were added. In addition to this intense schedule of work, several concert tours and master classes about and with the music of the aforementioned composers were carried out in the years 1994, 1997 and 2001 in important venues of Mexico, Argentina, the U.S.A, Canada, Venezuela, England, Norway, Spain, and Germany.

The activity of the group had other highlights in the years 1994 and 1995 with the "GRAN PREMIO DIARIO DE LOS ANDES" prize for the best artistic production, awarded to the Ginastera complete works CD, and the award from the ASOCIACIÓN CRONISTAS DEL ESPECTÁCULO for the best classical music CD of the year. Motivated by the idea of broadening their work and to start new projects, the group, still under the direction of DORA DE MARINIS, founded in 1996 the "FUNDACIÓN PARA EL ESTUDIO Y DIFUSIÓN DE LA MÚSICA ARGENTINA, OSTINATO" (Ostinato, Foundation for the study and dissemination of Argentinean Music).

In the year 2000, the foundation produced the recording of the complete piano work of LUIS GIANNEO, which will be released in three CDs by the label Marco Polo (HNH International Ltd.) during 2002.

The upcoming projects won't be less ambitious and will include among other things not only the recording of other unedited concertos for piano and orchestra of other aforementioned composers, the complete cycle of songs and pieces for choir and piano of C. GUASTAVINO, and a CD with PIAZZOLLA's music, but also the edition of a book which is dedicated to the composers GINASTERA, CASTRO, GUASTAVINO and GIANNEO, and the implementation of a student scholarship and exchange program between Argentina and Germany.

Recent Activity:
  • 2002
    • Release of Gianneo's work for piano in 3 CDs. Recorded in 2000. Released by the label Marco Polo/Naxos (HNH International Ltd.)
  • 2001
    • La obra completa para piano de Luis Gianneo. Published in the magazine "Huellas" volume 1, published by the Fine Arts Faculty of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Author: Dora De Marinis, in collaboration with Elena Dabul, Fernando Viani, Alejandro Cremaschi and Martin Bucki.
    • International concert tour. Concerts in Canada, US and Europe (Germany and Spain), in cities such as: Oberlin, Cincinnati, Columbus, Montreal, Lawrence (KS), Washington DC, Karlsruhe, and Palma de Mallorca.
    • Concert season in Mendoza, Argentina. Invited artists: alcides lanza, Meg Shepard, Jack Winerock, Hugo Goldensweig, etc.
    • Master classes at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo by Fernando Viani, Alejandro Cremaschi and alcides lanza.
    • Ostinato Scholarship awarded to two students in Mendoza, Argentina, to attend piano courses in Lahr, Germany.
    • Release of Alberto Ginastera's Piano Concerti No. 1 and No. 2 co-produced by Ostinato and Naxos.
  • 2000
    • Signed an agreement with HNH Lmtd. (Naxos and Marco Polo label) to co-produce and release recordings of Argentine composers. First release: Ginastera, concerti for piano, in April 2001.
    • Recording of the complete works for piano by Luis Gianneo (3 CDs) in Karlsruhe, Germany. To be released in 2002 by Marco Polo.
  • 1999
    • Chamber music recitals in Germany
    • Recording of 4 CDs with vocal chamber music by Carlos Guastavino in Karlsruhe, Germany. Master ready for release.
  • 1998
    • Recitals in London and Germany.
    • Official release of the recording "Complete works for piano by Carlos Guastavino" in 3 CDs. Label: IRCO
  • 1997
    • Second concert tour of the US and Canada. Concerts in Montreal, Ottawa, New York, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, etc.
    • First concert tour of Europe. Concerts in Spain, Norway and Germany
    • Concert season in Mendoza, Argentina
  • 1996
    • Recording of works for piano by Carlos Guastavino
    • Official release of the recording "Complete works for piano by Juan Jose Castro" in 2 CDs. Label: IRCO
    • Concert season in Mendoza, Argentina
    • Nomination to the ACE award for the complete recording of Castro's piano works in Buenos Aires
  • 1995
    • Recording of the complete works for piano by Juan Jose Castro and Carlos Guastavino
    • Concert season in Mendoza, Argentina
    • Awarded the ACE prize to the best classical music production for the recording of Ginastera's complete piano works
  • 1994
    • First concert tour of North America. Concerts in Mexico, Iowa, Minnesota, Montreal, etc.
    • Concert tour of Argentina
    • Concert season in Mendoza, Argentina
    • Recording and release of "Complete works for piano by Alberto Ginastera" in 2 CDs. Label: IRCO

Fundacion Ostinato has received grants from:

  • Private sponsors
  • Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
  • Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Argentina
  • Cancilleria de la Nacion Argentina

The Foundation artists are available for recitals, lectures and master classes worldwide. Please contact us for engagements.

Possible topics and programs:

  • Complete works for piano by Ginastera, Gianneo, Guastavino and Castro
  • Ginastera Piano Concerti
  • Guastavino's duos and duets
  • Songs by Ginastera and Guastavino
  • Songs for piano and choir by Guastavino
  • Latin American elementary and intermediate piano pieces
  • Introduction to Argentine and Latin American music

The foundation has produced three sets of CDs which were received with much critical acclaim: the award-winning complete works for piano by Alberto Ginastera in two CDs and Ginastera Piano Concerti in 1994 and 2001, the complete works for piano by Juan Jose Castro in two CDs in 1996, and the complete works for piano by Carlos Guastavino in three CDs in 1999.